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Cherry picking sounds

One of the things I love doing during my free time is building out Spotify playlists.

Quick side-track: Recently, I met up with one of my research collaborators/friend who is getting her MA in AI. We met through the AI and emerging media lab at BU where computer science and communication students and faculty come together to solve real-life problems (e.g. how are news organizations around the world reporting about COVID-19?) and investigate social, cultural trends.

While we got together to talk about our research project (which we're hyped about), we bonded over how *much* we obsess over picking out cool music, putting them into playlists, and naming them. It's definitely a new-age hobby, and I was so excited to find another soul who did something similar as me. And weirdly, this connection and discovery about our love for music and digital sound curation got me so stoked about the research that I'm doing and the people that I am meeting from different fields.

Back to the main point: So we've created playlists for each other and it's been so much fun hearing the music she shares with me, and vice versa.

When it comes to music curation: I love thinking about how to build or break a sound-flow. I like to create story-arches in my playlists; how do I keep a person in a trance-like flow, or how do I transition genres in a way that is dynamic?

I ooze for these processes and the curation element of this music-al ritual.

Check out one of my playlists here ✨ & I'd love to know if anyone out there loves doing this too.

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